Classification of Gold Bearing Material

March 20, 2011

Gold Bearing Materials

Gold is occasionally found in an almost pure state and unattached to anything.  In this state it is called “native” or natural gold.   This type of unencumbered gold was found and used many years BC.

Finding this pure unencumbered gold is the easiest way to recover gold, but unfortunately, this type of gold is scarce. You knew there had to be a catch.

Native gold rarely occurs in its cubic crystal form but when it does we find it in rounded particles called nuggets.

I bet you would like to find one of these, but nuggets this large are very rare.

Native Gold Nugget

Native Gold Nugget

What is available in the alluvial mining that is done in PNG is dozens and dozens of tiny natural occurring gold nuggets.It is not at all uncommon to find 100 of these tiny nuggets hiding amongst the gold flakes.

Unlike many minerals, Gold does not display cleavage on breakage.

There are many terms to describe the various forms of native gold.  These include: sponge gold, flakey gold, grain gold, foil gold, moss gold and tree gold.  I am sure there is probably a story behind these various names for naturally occurring  gold

Gold is much more commonly found attached to, or as part of a variety of material.  We intend to provide some education here in this Category.  So come back often if you want to learn more about gold. We will be describing all of these various forms of gold in much greater detail

  • Native or Natural or unencumbered gold
  • Free milling ores.
  • Oxidized ores.
  • Placers.
  • Silver-rich ores.
  • Arsenic sulphides.
  • Iron sulphides.
  • Copper sulphides.
  • Carbonaceous.
  • Antimony sulphides.
  • Tellurides.

Each of these types of gold bearing material has unique mineralogical and geological  characteristics.  While this can be important if you are trying to find gold, it is critically important when determining how to process the material and release the gold.

I found a web site that gives you a lot of pictures of rocks showing these various classes of gold, I know I was interested.  So if you are interested Click here now



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